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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Spread Firefox

As us tech fiends know that Firefox is the best browser alive so help me spread the word by downloading Mozilla Firefox lets get downloading people click the link below


Get Firefox!

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-The Dark Mole

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Welcome to my innaugural post

Hey to all of my fellow tech fiends i'm here to let you know the inside juice
this site will bring daily tech juice no favoritism here.First of i'm 13 years old.
We are down to earth my hobbies are Reading ,playing games and programming in: Visual C++,Java and Borland.
I also love any free electronics especially Photo Ipods . Thats enough about me im looking for good No Charge tech writers\journalists who knows RSS. For the rest of you just post some things in my comments secion that might interest you so help me to make this Blog as big as slashdot become part of a new gen of tech enthusiasts
-The Dark Mole